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How MAS Global Helped A Startup Accelerate The Development Of An Intelligent Retail Solution

Engagement Description

Provided Architecture and DevOps advisory services. Assembled a dedicated development team for Wisy in order to add capacity to their product development efforts. Built an intelligent retail solution, which uses web, mobile and AI technologies.

The client:

Wisy helps the consumer packaged goods industry to be more efficient by reducing out-of-stocks and waste through artificial intelligence, and to improve the wellbeing of everyone by contributing to ensure the availability of daily-life products.

Wisy provides real-time intelligence from shelf images to achieve control at scale, to reduce loss and sell more effectively in any retail location. Wisy platform’s uninterrupted flow of factual-unbiased data enables wiser operations and category management to tap into the 1.9 trillion dollars opportunity at physical retail.

The Business Problem

Wisy is a start-up based in San Francisco, CA, and are experts at retail intelligence and artificial intelligence. They required additional software development capacity to accelerate and scale the delivery of new features. They also wanted to build a strategic alliance with a partner that would bring expertise around Agile software development best practices. Wisy needed help building some of the main components that will enable their platform such as: web based applications, user sign-up, product management, shelf, product processing, branches and branding. As a startup, costs are an important factor and so was quality and real time collaboration, therefore they looked for a nearshore partner.

The MAS Global Solution


MAS Global quickly assembled a remote development team at their nearshore development hub in Medellin, Colombia, to provide the benefit of aligned time zones with the US based client team, as well as providing lower costs compared to US based talent. The MAS development team helped Wisy with the implementation of some of the main components of their intelligent retail platform. As part of the engagement, our team defined and implemented the general Architecture for the web project. They configured DevOps practices which enabled the team to perform weekly deployments on the dev environment.

We also helped Wisy to design UX prototypes for the web site which were very helpful to understand the business flow and to refine the business scenarios. Finally, our MAS team collaborated with the Wisy team using Scrum methodologies in order to provide incremental delivery and ongoing client feedback. 

At the end of the engagement, Wisy relied on the MAS Global team. They had a positive experience that enabled fast results, and added speed to much needed new functionality, therefore increasing time to market.

It is always great to collaborate with other women owned technology companies leveraging technologies such as AI to provide innovative solutions to the market. I am glad our MAS team in Latin America was able to collaborate in real time with Wisy’s distributed teams in the San Francisco, CA and Panama to achieve major milestones in such a short period of time.

Monica Hernandez Founder and CEO
MAS Global.

Our client review

Their team was very involved; from the start, they felt like they were a part of the team and were accommodating to the startup environment. Their attitude was also suitable for our startup culture — we were surprised by the level of their expertise

Min Chen CEO & Co-Founder Wisy Inc.

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