What is your role at MAS Global Consulting?

My major responsibilities as a Release Train Engineer (RTE) are to facilitate the Agile Release Train events and process and assist the teams in delivering value. I escalate impediments, help manage risk, and drive relentless improvement. As a servant leader, I feel one of my most important responsibilities as a Release Train Engineer at MAS Global is to nurture and grow the scrum masters of the Release Train. I am the coach to the Scrum Master Coach of the team.

Being a RTE I wear several different hats, chief scrum master, the coach to the Scrum Masters. I’m also responsible for the delivery of working software for the teams that are on my train, I am also able to interact with people at all levels; I work with executives, stakeholders, subject matter experts. We work together to ensure teams are working on the highest priority of the program.  The role is very fulfilling in that it  allows me to work with all levels of talent.

Why a scaled agile framework?

Scaled Agile Framework promotes alignment, collaboration, and delivery across large numbers of agile teams.The Scaled Agile Framework is based on a Lean Agile Mindset. The Lean-Agile mindset is the combination of beliefs, assumptions and attitudes. It is a growth mindset that is open to change.  

In the course of my career I have worked with many product frameworks and project methodologies such as: waterfall, iterative, Agile and Scaled Agile. About eight years ago I started working with the Agile framework and then Scaled Agile Framework. The change from a rigid methodology, which has guidelines of what the teams must do. versus guardrails with Scaled Agile that give you the flexibility to tailor your process within the Agile framework has been a hard change for the customer, but a welcome change to people that deliver projects.  

The Goal of Lean is value, which allows you to deliver value to your customers with the shortest allowable lead time, delivering the best quality to people and society, with high morale, safety and customer delight.

What are the benefits of working nearshore?

At MAS Global we have teams located nearshore that are in the same time zone (within an hour) as our clients in the US, which is very very beneficial for both parties. When you are an agile or scaled agile business; one of the main tenets is face-to-face communication with the customer, and the fact that MAS Global works nearshore, not only keeps them on the same time zone to have conversations via chat, whatsapp, skype or slack; but also allows our team to travel to the customer’s site or the customer can visit the development hub at a reasonable cost. Having teams in your own time zone negates the waiting for team members to talk about issues which could cause delays in delivery. Also our nearshore teams are bilingual and are able to interact with your team in a way that will allow teams to form a tight bond in order to deliver quality software in the shortest sustainable lead time.  

Being in the same timezone and speaking a shared language, allows our teams to build close relationships with the customer teams. The relationship allows the customer to have confidence in our teams to deliver high quality software for them.  

What has been your experience with the Colombian culture and people?

The Colombian culture is amazing. I have met many people in my two years of MAS Global that are friends and many that will be friends for life. The culture in Colombia is one of desire to succeed and to be able to achieve for the customer. They have a can do and will get it done attitude.  One thing I can share about the Colombian culture is that the people really work as teams, pulling together to develop Software for our clients.

It is very much a culture that will allow you to gain trust that our team members will partner with your company to increase the strength of your IT organization.

The ability for Colombian team members to travel to the customer’s site, or when the customer goes to Colombia, this allows our customers to gain a great trust in our team to develop and deliver the results for your company.