1. “Sorry teacher, I couldn’t assist class!”
    Ah- the classic “amigo falso.” The English and Spanish languages share thousands of words,
    but unfortunately there are some that are destined to trip up students. Some of the most
    common words that people accidentally mix up…
    actual = actual current molestar = molest bother
    colegio = college high school asistir = assist attend
    billón = billion trillion largo = large long
  2. “Thanks for remembering me about that meeting!”
    This one is tricky because recordar does in fact translate correctly to remember….but not
    always. When someone tells you to NOT forget something, then they are reminding you.
    So when you want to remember to do something, you should set a reminder on your phone!
  3. Mispronunciation of Y and J sounds.
    One of the most common pronunciation mistakes that I hear in Colombia, even with advanced
    English speakers, is something like this:
    “We have a mayor problem with the internet in our building.”
    And I think – what? What does the mayor of Medellín have anything to do with your building’s
    internet? Ah, what this person wanted to say was major instead of mayor. The “J” in this word
    should sound exactly like the “G” in George or the “J” in Joke.