MAS Global Consulting Ranks Among The Top Women-Owned Firms on Clutch

At MAS Global Consulting, we value our clients’ best interests above all. Since 2012, our company has been providing agile development methodologies that aim to reduce project costs and timelines. Our company is headquartered in Tampa, with a main development hub in Medellin, Colombia as well as operations in Argentina and Mexico. MAS development teams collaborate in real time with US based teams in the same time zone. We specialize in digital modernization, cloud services, DevOps, and custom application development leveraging cloud, web, AI and mobile technologies.

Clutch is an established B2B reviews and ratings agency that is committed to evaluating service and solutions companies from all over the world. Their team of analysts interviews service providers’ clients to collect client feedback, analyze industry data, and compare competitors in a specific market. The platform is invested in publishing in-depth client reviews, data-driven content, and vetted market leaders that businesses can access for free.

The site is also known for its Certification system that highlights the diversity that each service provider brings to the platform. Clutch’s system allows vendors to self identify their racial minority, veteran, and gender identities.

Our company is genuinely excited to announce that we have been ranked as one of the top women-owned companies on Clutch! Indeed, women do rule the world — and this resonates with our beloved chief executive officer’s impeccable leadership. “I am thrilled that MAS Global is being recognized by Clutch as one of the top 10 women-owned, and one of the few Latina-owned software development and cloud service providers.  I am energized to represent a world-class, diverse team that delivers on the promise that MAS is More” – says Monica Hernandez, Founder & CEO of MAS Global Consulting.

Throughout various industries, women-owned companies provide a unique and important perspective that’s often overlooked.” stated Clutch Revenue Operations Analyst Carolyn Rider. “We want to highlight these companies for everything that they bring to the table, from their thoughtfulness to their detail-oriented mindsets.”

Aside from that, MAS Global Consulting can also be found on The Manifest, Clutch’s sister site. Our company was listed among the top nine women-owned app developers.

We would like to send our sincerest gratitude to Clutch and The Manifest for these wonderful opportunities and recognition. The two platforms have been a great help to our company’s growth and we are looking forward to reaching more milestones with them.

Our team also extends their appreciation to our clients who took time out of their busy days to leave us a review on Clutch. We are proud to work with you and we are thankful for the strong working relationships we’ve established together.

Need experts to help scale your next major project? Learn more about our services. Drop us a message and let’s work together.

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