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How MAS Helped a Global Financial Services Company Grow By Developing a Mobile App And a Website

About Western Union:

Wester Union is known for helping people and businesses wire money worldwide. But they also help build communities, grow economies, and thus create a better world. It has more than 500,000 locations in over 200 countries. The company carries out transactions in nearly 130 different currencies, sending money to billions of accounts around the world.
Vigo Money Transfer is a currency exchange service that lets customers send money within the US and between the US and other countries. The service is a subsidiary of Western Union.

Client’s Industry


Service Provided

Software development


Colombia and Argentina


English and Spanish


3 Years

KPIs/Metrics Of Success

On time and within budget

The Business Challenge

Vigo is used by individuals to send money from retail agents in the US to more than 200 countries around the world. Because it lacked a digital solution, it had few customers using their service. Potential customers could send money at a lower fee using Vigo, so its growth potential was high. Therefore, it was an opportunity for Western Union to gain market share and acquire new customers by digitizing the Vigo brand.

Creating digital platforms for Vigo could potentially produce 2% of the current WU Digital USOB volume within the first 12 months. Similar to WU’s ramp up, the revenue is expected to grow around 30% after Y1.

How We Helped Them

Working together with Western Union, a MAS Global Agile certified team built a mobile app and website for Vigo in four months. The teams retooled their existing platform to fulfill their goals. The MAS Global Fullstack team included Senior Developers for Angular, ReactNative, and Java. The team also had a Scrum Master and Quality Assurance Engineers distributed between Colombia and Argentina, working hand in hand with the client’s team in San Francisco. 

Technical adjustments were made for CloudPricing and the client’s product (Western Union Rewards Program), using CS Rest APIs and credit/debit card payments through their payment network. The team added feature customization related to branding and partner functionality while maintaining high performance on response times. The Vigo web was integrated with several analytics and performance plugins, such as Kochava and Splunk, among others.

We developed a new landing page to be fully integrated with the web Solution under strict security standards. The site is responsive and works smoothly on all web browsers and devices, while correctly displaying images and videos on every platform. This page was integrated with Adobe Experience Manager for Delta Multilingual Solution and centralized content management.

We also performed a migration from AngularJS to Angular8 LTS. The migrated web works with Redux and is fully coded using strict typescript specifications. Many reusable components were created to improve code efficiency, readability and therefore maintainability.

From the Backend perspective, the Digital App and Web are aligned with client business rules. Staying inside these boundaries helps to have control over transactions, while matching the policies with each destination country. Additionally, the MAS Global team helped with the implementation of partner fixes inside the client platform, which is beneficial for the product and all partners.

Thanks to the development and implementation of this solution, Vigo Digital currently supports transactions made from credit/debit card to cash from agent locations in over 200 countries as well as from bank accounts.

Our client review

“I would like to thank MAS Global consulting solutions for the wonderful job in helping us develop and launch this product powered by Western Union. Everyone was professional, committed, and very hard working. I personally enjoyed my daily interactions with the team; everyone was open to receiving feedback and adjusted accordingly. Thanks to the team, we were able to meet our goal and deliver a high-quality product on time.”

Technical Product Manager, Western Union

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