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How MAS Global Helped Project Management Without Interrupting Operations

About Clarios

Clarios is the world’s leading aftermarket and OE battery supplier. Designing batteries that can stand up to the increasing demands of vehicles today with a strong commitment to the most efficient circular economy in the world. A global footprint, vertically integrated manufacturer that handles every step of the process from recovering and recycling old batteries to streamlined manufacturing and just-in-time distribution of leading edge products.

Client Industry


Service Provided

ERP Project Management


Americas (US, MX, BR, CO, PE)




4 Years

KPIs/Metrics Of Success

Projects delivered on-time, on-schedule, on-budget

The Business Challenge

Leading and efficiency require strong systems support for processes. This means complex, mission critical ERP systems that are in constant need of integration, new functionality, upgrades and new implementations. Highly skilled and experienced project management is required to achieve each project’s objectives without disrupting the business operations.

Offering experienced project management staff who can handle complex projects f rom their inception, through funding, requirements gathering, building, testing and deployment phases and who can bridge the gaps between business and technical teams and also pull together geographically disperse resources in order to minimize business process disruption.

How We Helped Them

The project portfolio delivered to date includes:

EDI integration for Clarios’ automotive customers (250 K USD, MFG/Pro, Mexico and US)

Automation and Serialization rollout for Absorbed Glass Mat production line (180 K USD, MFG/Pro, Mexico)

Electronic Invoicing and Printing deployment (80 K USD, MFG/Pro, Mexico and US)

QAD EE Upgrade (7.2 M USD, QAD EE 2015, Brazil)

QAD EE Cloud ERP Implementation (2.8 M USD, QAD EE 2018 Cloud ERP, Colombia)

Legacy systems and BI integration into new HR system (360 K USD, Workday, Mexico)

Are You Ready for MAS?

Are You Ready for MAS?

Do you have a major software development project that is stagnating? Are you tired of constantly having to onboard new software developers as your outsourced developer constantly cycles people out? Do you need proven, reliable, and professional services from a software developer who generates real results?

If your answer to any of the above is “YES!” then reach out to MAS Global today! We offer a unique approach to software development services that combines U.S.-based developers and nearshored developers that provides:

  • Cost savings
  • Significant flexibility
  • Long-lasting relationships with your developers
  • Consistent results using Agile frameworks and methods
  • Strong reporting so you’re never in the dark

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