Hitech Recognition

Monica Hernandez, Founder & CEO of MAS Global Consulting Named to HITEC’s Prestigious HITEC 100 List for 2023.

HITEC announced Monica Hernandez, Founder and CEO of MAS Global Consulting has been named to the 2023 HITEC 100 list of the most influential and notable Hispanic professionals in the technology industry. The HITEC 100 list is a compilation…
Rise to the challenge award

MAS Global Technology Winner WEConnect International Award Sponsored by Cisco

To recognize #womenowned businesses #BreakingBarriers, Cisco sponsored the WEConnect International #Rise2theChallengeAwards #InformationTechnology Sector Award, which we are proud to share we have WON! The #WEConnectEffect is real &…
Women Owned Monica Hernandez

100% Women Owned

Women may still represent a minority of business owners in America, but they are growing in influence. According to U.S. Census Bureau figures, women-owned firms generated roughly $1.8 trillion in sales and employed more than 10.1 million workers in 2018, the last year for which data is available.
Metaverse user

Metaverse for Dummies

What is it that first comes to your mind when you think of the Metaverse?  Is it that there is a bunch of undiscovered business and technology opportunities, or is it that it is still a weird universe full of senseless capabilities?  No matter your current perspective, let’s dive in together to learn more. According to Accenture, "Metaverse will transform how businesses interact with customers, how work is done, what products and services companies offer, how they make and distribute them, and fundamentally how they operate their organizations.” fascinating, isn´t it?     Before jumping into the Metaverse itself, let's understand a little bit more about how the web has been evolving from a static and centralized approach to a decentralized platform where users own their data and other digital assets and can exchange them without the need for third-party verification.