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AI Solution for
Covid-19 X-Ray Image Analysis And Web Application

About Blue Eye Soft (BES):

The Blue Eye project consisted of two parts:

· AI algorithms for COVID-19 X-Ray image analysis, detection, and resultsBES team responsibility.

· Web Application Developmentexecuted by the MAS Global Scrum team, per BES Requirements.

Client’s Industry

Information technology and services

Service Provided

Software development

Number Of Team Members

9 team members
+ 4 Advisors


South Carolina




3.5 – 4 Months

Project Objective

AI solution for Covid-19 X-Ray Image Analysis and Web Application.


In order to help Blue Eye to accomplish the SaaS (software as a service) goal, our team provided consulting sessions to let them know the benefits (technical and monetary) of having the application hosted in AWS services. Also, our architect team helped the Blue Eye tech team with the configuration of different services that AWS provides, such as elastics beans, load balancer, database, etc.

Before we started working with Blue Eye, they managed their requirements through a spreadsheet, and didn’t apply any cadence or best practice of Agile development and testing within their teams.

MAS provided not only the scrum team, but we also run different training sessions with the BES team in order to leverage the Agile knowledge and practices with regards to ceremonies, team interaction, and tools (project management and code versioning and repository)

HL7 – PoC

Given that BES wanted their application to read electronic health records, our team developed a JSON that was able to obtain and translate medical information from hospitals to be accessed by the BlueDocAI web app.

The JSON parser was completed and delivered to the BES architect team. We were able to create a customizable JSON so that the end client can add or remove fields as needed.

After sharing this PoC with the BES tech team, we did a knowledge transfer session with the scrum team so they could plan the integration within the web application code (.net core)

Dicom PACS

Our development team connected with Dicom PACS so the BlueDocAI web application can read/obtain the medical images (X-Rays) from PACS systems configured inside hospitals.

Azure DevOps Configuration

For project management, we help with the backlogs, kanban, and metrics configuration.

Additionally, our team help with the integration with Git for the code versioning and repository, plus the configuration for the CI/CD pipelines.


With the help of our architects and development team, we helped BES in the environment configuration and the branching and pipelines for CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous deployment).

How We Helped Them

What Was the Customer Trying to Accomplish?

· AI algorithms for COVID-19 X-Ray image analysis, detection, disease evolution, and results
· Web Application Development
· Saas on AWS

Challenge / Pain Points

· A Saas based on AWS, Agile, interoperable, and flexible API based
· Intricated specific or domain problems that were difficult to automate based on Rx images
· Hardware closed and stand-alone solutions
· Application integration with Dicom PACS

Proposed Solution / Value

· Develop Rx image-based AI algorithm
· Connect systems based on JSON open flexible format to include future information
· Create a web-based interface (a web app) based on AWS and its tools
· Improve interoperability between systems implementing APIs

Solutions Benefits To The Customer

· Opportunity to include future information in an easy way
· Connect EHRs, PACs, and .NET systems using Json based API
· Time and costs reduction using Agility, DevOps, and knowledge about AWS tools

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