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    Simply put, you nearshore model gives you more for less, in your same time zone. You enjoy all the benefits from having a team you can collaborate with real time all day long, at very reasonable costs.

    What is Nearshore? Services provided remotely but in close proximity to customer sites with the key advantage of being in same time zone but lower costs than those at customer’s location.

    Depending on your needs, we can help with your full software development life cycle, or we can simply expand your team to take care of development and support while you focus on strategy and business analysis. When we say “simply” we mean we make it simple for you, but doing it well and delivering expected results requires the type of holistic expertise we have at MAS as well as solid oversight processes coming from sound PMO governance and knowledge of what it takes to deliver good quality services.

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    Custom Development

    We offer the skill sets you need to develop, enhance or support your homegrown software or extend your ERP investment, following best Software Engineering practices and proven methodologies

    Sharepoint, Microsoft .NET, Java, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP.