About Us

MAS Global Consulting’s high-value model provides the elusive mix of affordability and reliability that clients need to continuously deliver working software to their organizations. Our hybrid onshore/near-shore approach uses agile-ready consultants in the U.S. and Latin America. We build high-performing teams that collaborate in real time, in your time zone, so you can meet your commitments. Our commitment to client success drives us to retain top-notch, highly-engaged talent that is experienced in custom software development; e.g., Scrum Masters, Technical Leads, QA Automation & Software Engineers. With operations in the U.S. and Colombia, we’re a proven partner for your Agile and Latin America resource needs.
MAS is headquartered in Tampa Bay area, FL, making it well positioned to work with teams in Latin America to assist customers in the North America region. Our US and nearshore teams work and collaborate in real time, in the same time zone. Proximity to the US makes Colombia a very convenient location for US companies to augment their teams, making communication and daily Agile ceremonies much easier. Colombia also enjoys high-quality education and our consultants are highly qualified to contribute to all aspects of software implementation and development life cycle, with great language skills, problem solving skills and attention to detail. Traveling is also easier from Colombia to US and vice versa, providing more face-to-face time for teams to solidify, improve communication, and get faster better results.
MAS Global was founded in 2012 by Monica Hernandez, Founder & CEO.  Prior to MAS Global, Monica had worked in consulting for several years in the ERP & custom software development space, providing services to global Fortune 500 companies in the US and Europe. Monica was originally born in Colombia and has been in the IT industry for 17+ years. After earning her Software Engineering degree in Colombia with a full scholarship, she started her IT career in Texas as a Software Engineer, designing and creating custom applications. Then she managed IT development teams and later became a consultant & technical manager for Oracle North America Consulting. As a consultant, Monica had the chance to work with top US experts and very talented teams in order to serve the highest demands from global customers who were looking for expertise and guidance to meet their goals, deliver on schedule, and be on budget.
MAS benefits from combined experience across multiple industries, technologies and methodologies. The company has the capability to build high performing teams with both hands-on and leadership roles. This gives our team a unique position to assist customers with their increasing demands and business goals.

          MAS means More
          In your business, MAS means High-value Partner for your Agile & US/ Latin America talent