Custom Software Development

We offer the skill sets you need to develop, enhance or support your homegrown software or extend your ERP investment, following best Software Engineering practices. Some of the skills we have: Microsoft .NET, Sharepoint, Java, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, PHP

NearShore Services

From Colombia to North America, our nearshore model gives you more for less, in your same time zone. You enjoy all the benefits from having a team you can collaborate with real time all day long, at very reasonable costs.

MAS means more

And that's what our mission is all about, to provide more value for less cost, with a team that can deliver results with best in class expertise and processes, onsite or remote but in your time zone.

Modernizing IT Systems to win in the digital economy


In today’s competitive global economy 4 out of 5 companies lose business due to maintaining outdated systems that no longer support the needs of the market.  At MAS Global we partner with clients to modernize these legacy systems seamlessly for a fraction of the cost that in-house teams spend just on maintenance, so our clients can innovate and win in the digital age.

MAS means more in the same time zone

Ability to quickly scale IT projects with development talent onsite and nearshore, in the same time zone.

Why us?

  • Specialized in modernizing outdated IT systems to simplify user experience and reduce overall business cost

  • Increased speed of onboarding new Agile development teams 

  • Specialized skills in trending technologies such as mobile, web, AI and IoT for enterprise applications 

  • Scaled Agile and DevOps practices to frequently release value to the business and react to changes